Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sad how things go

We used to vacation nearly every year in Maui. One of our favorite places to eat was a small Italian restaurant in a strip shopping mall, a very unappealing (no view of the water) location, but wonderful food. I'm not sure how we found it - probably a recommendation from a guide book.  It's long since gone.

One evening we were having dinner, when this enormous red extended cab pickup truck pulled up.  Everyone in the restaurant was buzzing around excited.  The truck belonged to Randy Travis, the country singer who is in the news these days, not for any good reason.  He had, at that time, a home on Maui somewhere.

Randy and his group were seated at an inside table; we were dining alfresco.

After Randy got there, nobody working in the restaurant paid any attention to us. We were finished, but nobody offered us coffee or dessert, or cleared the table, or refilled the water glasses, or brought us a check. I was just sort of sitting there, when I realized Randy Travis was looking at us. He said something to the owner, and we were promptly taken care of. Obviously, he noticed that we were being ignored on account of all the fuss over him and got it taken care of.

So, I didn't meet him or shake his hand or anything, but he took care of us in a small way. Sad how things go.

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